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Customer Approve Magento 2 Extension allows the store owner to verify and approve every customer those register with the store.

  • Store owners set customer status as approve, disapprove, and pending.
  • Redirect pending and disapproved customers to an external or internal URL or a CMS page.
  • Configure the custom message for the customers when their account is not approved and try to log in.
  • Multiple customers can be approved/disapproved by the admin.
  • Add custom email templates for customer approval and new register customer notification

CE 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.x - 2.4.x
EE 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.x

This Magento 2 customer approval extension allows the store owners to verify and approve every customer registration to their store. It provides an option to automatically or manually verify customers who register to your store without affecting the default registration process. It doesn’t affect the existing customer of the store, all remain active until they manually disapproved from the backend after extension installation.

Store owner will get an email notification on every registration and can allow one or more customers at the same time. It provides mass action to approve or disapprove customer from the backend customer grid at the same time. It has easy configuration for the backend and can be done for each store or website separately. Custom email templates can be created using the transactional emails feature in Magento. The extension allows store owners to redirect customers to any URL internal or external.

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    Happy to have this module on my site. Now I can quickly delete fake customer registrations from my store. Good job Solwin.

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    Easily can approve or disapprove registrations. Perfect for creating a private store and also preventing it from spammers.

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    Working fine as described in the user guide. I can watch my user registration process and meet potential customers. Nice experience.

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    Save my lots of time. The support team is very quick and made it compatible with our custom registration. Highly recommended!

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    It helps me to restrict spam users on my website. Wonderful support. Increase the security of my site. Solwin, Thanks.

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    I managed my customer accounts even better now. Perfect design, all needed functionality in one extension. Definitely worth its price.

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Change Log

Version 1.0.1 :

Added Compatibility for Magento 2.4.3

Version 1.0 :

* Initial Release

User Installation Guide

Installation Process

Note: Please take a backup of your all Magento files and database before installing or updating any extension.

  1. Create folder structure /app/code/Solwin/CustomerApprove/
  2. Download the .ZIP file from the Solwin Infotech website
  3. Run install commands: php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  4. Clear Cache
  5. Go to ‘Solwin -> Customer Approve -> Configuration’ and select Enabled to Yes.
    Set all other options for customer approve/disapprove as per your requirements and save settings.








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Key Features covered to grow your business


enable / disable

Easily enable/disable from admin panel.


Pre verification

Pre verification on registration of every new customer to your store.


Suspend any customer

Suspend any customer account from backend to deny login access.



Approve/disapprove one or more customers from admin panel.


Custom CMS

Set custom CMS page for customer registration.


Custom Email

Set customer approval email and custom email templates.


Auto approve

Auto approve option to approve new customer account on registration without approval.



Redirect unapproved customers to an external or internal URL or a CMS page.


Configure message

Configure to display error message for unapproved customers with or without redirecting.


Customer Approve General Settings 1

Configuration options for Extension Enable/Disable, Account Approve Status, Enable Welcome Email, Send Approval Email, Email Sender, and Email Template.

Customer Approve General Settings 2

Configuration options for Send Email Notification After Account Creation, Email Sender, Email Template, Recipients, Redirect Disapproved Customers, Redirection Option, Redirect To CMS Page, Redirect Pending Customers, Pending Redirection Option, Redirect To CMS Page.

Customer Approve General Settings 3

Configuration options for Display Error Message For Disapproved Customers, Error Message, Display Error Message For Pending Customers, Error Message.

Customer Approve Manually Action

The store admin can change customer status manually.

Customer Approve Mass Action

The store admin can change customer status by Mass Action, select customers click on Actions dropdown, and click on Approve/Disapprove/Pending link to perform mass action on multiple items.

Customer Disapprove Error

If the customer account is disapproved then, the customer receives an error as "Your account needs to be approved before you can access this part of the site!"

Customer Pending Error

When the store admin set Pending in "Account Approve Status" in the admin control, the customer receives an error message as "Your account has been pending for approval."

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